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Group that steals cell phones at events is the target of operations in three states

The Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) launched a major operation in the early hours of this Monday (22) against a group specializing in cell phone theft at major events.

52 court orders were served in the Federal District, in São Paulo and Goiás.

The investigation is carried out by the Robbery and Theft Repression Division, which identified that the criminal organization was subdivided into six groups, which were the group responsible for organizing the crimes, the group responsible for committing theft, the group responsible for guarding the stolen devices, the group responsible for unlocking stolen devices, a nucleus responsible for receiving devices that have already been stolen by the organization and, finally, a nucleus responsible for the organization's financial logistics.

The investigation began in April 2023, when five people were arrested in the act after being caught stealing cell phones inside an event at an international attraction.

These individuals have already been convicted of the crimes for which they were charged. The operation has a workforce of approximately 300 civil police officers.

In total, 32 identified targets are being investigated for committing crimes and, with the exception of one of those identified, all have criminal records for committing crimes against property, with some having records for committing crimes of robbery, theft, theft by fraud, fraud and reception.

Source: CNN Brasil

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