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Grupo Esfera brings together businesspeople in NY to discuss investments in Brazil and actions for RS

Businesspeople, economists and personalities met at Rockefeller Center, in New York, on Monday night (13) to discuss investment opportunities in Brazil.

The event “Connecting opportunities, building the future”, by Grupo Esfera, was created by João Camargo, president of the Board of Directors of the Esfera Brasil group and executive president of the Board of CNN Brasil.

Among the executives present was Alexandre Birman, CEO of Arezzo&CO, who this year was elected “Person of the Year” by the Brazil-United States Chamber of Commerce.

Also present at the Esfera Group event, the president of Apex, Jorge Viana, who spoke to CNN about new foreign business opportunities in Brazil and the reasons that make the country attractive to international investors.

“I think Brazil has become a key, it now has the largest social program in the world, reducing deforestation and becoming an address for opportunities,” he told CNN .

“Not surprisingly, we are going to host, for example, the COP, which is the biggest climate conference in the world. All of this is the country's image, which is very important for the country to be able to market its products and companies”, added the president of Apex.

Floods in Rio Grande do Sul

At the event, businesspeople also spoke about actions to minimize the impacts of the tragedy that hit Rio Grande do Sul. The floods have already left more than 140 people dead, in addition to millionaire economic losses.

To talk about the subject, one of the guests was the professor of architecture, planning and preservation at Columbia University, Thaddeus Pawlowski.

He told how he helped develop New York City's recovery plan during Hurricane Sandy, which devastated part of the city in 2012.

“While we were doing this reconstruction planning, we had to think about the long term. How could we stop this from happening again”, explained the professor.

“We started using the term resilience to talk about how we could rebuild stronger and be ready for future storms. We learned a lot of lessons.”

Pawlowski lamented the rains in Rio Grande do Sul and suggested that reconstruction follow the path of New York.

“I hope the people there [no Rio Grande do Sul] be able to work together to rebuild in a way that will be safe in the long term, but that means thinking about climate change, about terrain patterns, because I know it's a region that has a lot of agriculture, so how can you make agriculture an ally, managing water”, he detailed.

Still in the United States, President Joe Biden lamented the tragedy in the Brazilian state over the weekend.

The North American leader said in a statement that he and his wife, Jill Biden, are “deeply saddened” by the developments and stated that his government is in contact with Brazil to send help.

He further stated that the US acts “to provide necessary assistance to the people, in coordination with the Brazilian authorities”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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