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Guatemala: Migrants from Venezuela, Cuba and Haiti intercepted at the border with Honduras

Its authorities proceeded to arrest approximately 400 immigrants Guatemala at the Honduran border, who wanted to go to the US.

The Immigrantsamong them children and pregnant women, were intercepted by the police at the Corindo border crossing, in the province of Izabal (east), IGM spokesperson Alejandra Mena told the press.

“Most of them are people with Venezuelan, Haitian and Cuban citizenship. Priority will be given to minors and pregnant women”he added.

According to the migration institute (Instituto Guatemalteco de Migración), another large group of migrants may try to enter Guatemala from Honduras in the next few hours, with the government of right-wing President Alejandro Yamate taking action.

In addition to being the departure point for many immigrants seeking to enter the U.S. illegally, Guatemala is part of the route taken by thousands of people who flee their homelands to escape poverty or violence and try to reach American soil.

Source: News Beast

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