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Guatemalan police stop first 2024 caravan of Honduran migrants

Her police Guatemala arrested on Saturday at the border about 200 Immigrants who started from Honduras on foot, hoping to reach the US, the first migrant caravan from Central America in 2024, as reported by the country's authorities.

The migrants “are at the 305th kilometer before reaching the Motagua Bridge”, in the province of Isaval (eastern Guatemala), on the border with Hondurasclarified Alejandra Mena, representative of the Guatemalan immigration institute.

She referred to the “presence of the security forces” and representatives of her service to “check the documents” of the members of the caravan.

According to local media, the caravan departed from a bus station in San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras, where its members, including women with young children, had rendezvoused the previous day.

The migrants headed to Corinth, on the border with Guatemala, where police have repeatedly intercepted migrants trying to enter the country without documents.

“The group consists of about 500 to 600 people, mostly Venezuelan nationals”, Alejandra Mena explained to Agence France-Presse a few hours earlier. Citizens of other countries are also present in the caravan.

Every year, thousands of illegal immigrants make their way from Central America to the US to escape gang violence and poverty, a phenomenon that has intensified since the pandemic hit.

In Honduras, devastating hurricanes worsened the situation.

Honduran migrants are often joined by Venezuelan citizens chasing the “American dream”: they try to make the perilous journey together through various states to the US border.

“I've left five times, there's no job, I need to find a life elsewhere,” Honduran national Wilfredo Bonilla told Televicentro.

“We will arrive together, united, like a family, everything will be fine,” said another migrant participating in the caravan, Rafael.

Source: News Beast

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