Gucci, a great desire for vintage (thanks to the film)

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Raise your hand if you see the first scenes released to the public of the highly anticipated film House of Gucci, starring una Lady Gaga in the shoes – as now globally known – of Patrizia Reggiani, he did not let himself be enchanted by the looks so unequivocally vintage and surprisingly contemporary worn by the (anti) heroine of the film.

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A scene from the film.

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Looks that evoke the atmosphere and the evergreen style of the early years seventy, who gradually arrive to cross the Eighties, and who have been able to withstand the test of the passage of time very well, so much so as to be current and still desirable today.

A 1973 image (Photo By John Prieto / The Denver Post via Getty Images)

John Preito

A desire that is not destined, however, to remain unfulfilled. For all the fans of the brand, who have found themselves, once again, more and more fascinated by the accessories and double G dresses of the golden age of the Florentine brand, generously exhibited by Gaga / Patrizia, here are the many reseller vintage fashion online offer fans of which to replenish their wardrobes.

Another scene from the film directed by Ridley Scott.

Iconic bags, trench coats, dresses, bijoux and jewels: the starting point for the Gucci vintage treasure hunt can only be the precious site Vault, the brand’s new virtual and experimental space, in which to find small, large, original cult objects that can delight any vintage addicted.

Un’immagine del 1979. (Photo by Thomas J O’Halloran/US News & World Report Magazine Photograph Collection/PhotoQuest/Getty Images)


But there are many online stores in which, with deep and careful research, you can discover iconic pieces from past eras that are still super glam. We have done a tour for you, and we have put in ours wishlist the musts below. Now it’s your turn to take a dip in the most glamorous past there is.

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