Guedes: Digital Transformation Should Save $30 Billion for Exporter and Importer

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In yet another defense for the modernization of Mercosur, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, highlighted that the digital transformation of Brazil, with the reduction of bureaucracies, should generate savings of US$ 30 billion a year for exporters and importers.

Among the measures that corroborate this, he mentioned the creation of the single foreign trade portal.

“We reduced the average clearance time for exports from 17 to 9 days and for imports from 13 to less than 5 days. The economy should be around US$ 30 billion a year, for both exporters and importers. This is due to the digital transformation”, he commented at the opening of the ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) event this Monday (8).

According to Guedes, Mercosur’s relevance for Brazil depends on the economic bloc’s capacity to respond to new opportunities that arise in the market in light of world technological advances.

“Modernization, reviewing obsolete arrangements, and the relationship of our own bloc, Mercosur, with the global economy through new agreements, are essential”, he defended.

The minister also celebrated the temporary reduction of the Common External Tariff, adopted by the bloc. The measure was announced last week.

“It is important to pay attention to internal needs, in order to reduce the cost of food and essential items for the Brazilian population. […] Although temporary and moderate, our reduction in the TEC is in the right direction for modernization,” he said.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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