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Gui’s mother, an illustrious Vasco fan, reports a robbery outside the stadium in Rio

Influencer Tayane Gandra, mother of 9-year-old boy Gui, an illustrious Vasco fan, reported on her social media that the family was robbed as they left the Estádio São Januário, in the north of Rio de Janeiro. The case would have occurred on Wednesday night (6).

The bandits were armed and approached the car where the mother and child were. She reported that her belongings, such as cell phones, watches and wedding ring, were taken.

“They didn’t respect Gui in the car, a child”, lamented Tayane, who described the action: “a lot of psychological terror”.

A CNN He contacted the military police, who were unaware that any action had been taken by the victims. The civil police were also questioned, but we are still awaiting feedback.

Shortly before, the influencer published a video of the family’s arrival at the stadium, in which the boy Gui appears on the sunroof of the vehicle and is applauded by Vasco fans.

Vasco beat Red Bull Bragantino 2-1 in the last round of the Brazilian Championship, played yesterday. The Rio club escaped relegation and came in 15th place in the competition.

Illustrious Supporter

Gui became famous in June after waking up from a 16-day coma. The reunion with his mother was filmed and ended up going viral on social media. The little Vascaíno has a rare genetic disease, epidermolysis bullosa, which causes the formation of blisters on the skin.

Still in the hospital, Gui received a visit from Rodrigo Dinamite, son of Roberto Dinamite, and Gabriel Pec, with whom he became friends. From then on, he became the favorite of Vasco fans and is always present at Vasco games and events.

In October, the little one was honored on a banner alongside other Vasco fans: Heitor Lopes Azeredo, 10 years old and in a wheelchair, and Manoela, who participated in the campaign to publicize the “Camisas Negras” uniform.

Source: CNN Brasil

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