Guterres appeal to reverse the trend of violation of women’s rights

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UN Secretary-General addresses UN Security Council today Antonio Guterres, in order to “reverse” the negative trend that affects the their rights women worldwide, in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Mali or Yemen.

“We must fight and speed up time for every woman and every girl,” she said at a ministerial meeting organized by the Kenya, who has chaired the Security Council for the month of October.

“The women will no longer accept the reduction of “They should not do it anyway, in warring countries or elsewhere,” he added, according to AFP.

But in Myanmar, Ethiopia, Yemen, in many countries, on different continents, women’s rights defied the recede, complained.

“In Mali, after two coups in nine months, the space for women’s rights is not simply limited, closes“, Stressed Antonio Guterres.

“In Afghanistan, girls and women face one another rapid regression “of the rights they have gained in recent decades, including their right to a place in a classroom.”

In this country, “the UN remains committed to continuing to advocate and defends “The rights of women and girls in all our relations with the authorities,” Antonio Guterres promised.

«We will not stop until girls can go back to school and women can not go back to work and participate in public life“, Underlined the head of the UN.

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