Gwyneth Paltrow launched luxury diapers at $ 120 a pack (to provoke and do good)

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The latest in “must-have” products from Gwyneth Paltrow? After the vaginal eggs, the scented (and smelling) candles of her vagina, the businesswoman actress with Goop just launched gods luxury diaperslined in virgin alpaca wool, with closures with amber precious stones “known for their ancient emotional cleansing properties”, scented with jasmine and bergamot for a “revitalized” child. A “bargain” of $ 120 a pack (for 12 diapers), i “The Diapér” were announced with a post on Goop’s profile to which many also immediately replied that they wanted to buy them without being too surprised by the proposal given the actress’s past. However this time Gwyneth Paltrow just wanted to provoke.

Yup, she took the field for a good causeand in particular to protest against the sky-high price of the diapers that in 33 states of the USA they are not part of the basket of essential goods, and therefore they are taxed as luxury goods. I of him ““The Diapér” does not actually exist: “They are a fake product, but the cause is very real”said the actress in a post in which she explained the reason for the fake launch and clarified any doubts:

In the same post he also explained that the fake cost it is no coincidence that it is 120 dollars: it is the surcharge that American families living in these states have to pay every year to buy a fundamental accessory for their children, which is the fourth highest household expense on the family budget. Paltrow made this clear by encouraging followers to do their part by donating to Baby2Babya non-profit organization committed to providing diapers and basic necessities for children to families in need, producing them to resell them at half the cost or donating them for free to those who cannot buy them.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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