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Hackers hack into Bill Murray’s wallet and steal $185,000 in ETH

The famous American actor and comedian Bill Murray was the victim of a hacker attack – after the closing of the NFT charity auction, the attackers withdrew $185,000 in ETH from his wallet.

According to Bill Murray’s charity auction support team, there were exhibited NFT “Beer with Bill Murray” from the artist’s personal collection. The winner of the auction redeemed the NFT for $185,000, which at the time of the auction was 119 ETH. However, just a few hours after the auction closed, OpenSea wallet Murray was attacked.

The hacker managed to withdraw 119.2 ETH, which Murray collected at a charity auction. In addition, the hacker made an unsuccessful attempt to steal 800 NFTs from Bill Murray’s personal collection, as well as his CryptoPunks, Pudgy Penguin, and other tokens. However, the security service managed to stop the attack and move the NFT to a safe place.

intruder sent stolen funds to a wallet address associated with the Binance exchange and Unionchain.ai. It is still unclear how the attacker managed to gain access to Murray’s wallet. The artist’s team says they have filed a police report and are working with analytics firm Chainalysis to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Recall that in July, the Twitter account of Korean NFT artist DeeKay Kwon was hacked and used for a phishing attack. As a result, more than $150,000 worth of NFTs were stolen from his subscribers.

Source: Bits

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