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Hackers hacked Azuki’s Twitter account and stole $750,000 worth of assets

Hackers managed to gain access to the account of the popular NFT Azuki project on the Twitter social network. In just 30 minutes, they were able to steal over $750,000.

To steal assets, attackers posted a malicious link. Half an hour later, one of the users passed through it, on whose wallet there were 751,321 UDC stablecoins. The hackers managed to withdraw all of the user’s funds.

The hackers managed to steal $6,752 in USDC, 3.9 ETH, and 11 NFTs from other users. The total amount of stolen funds, according to Wallet Guard, was $758,074.

The hack was confirmed by Azuki Project Community Manager Emily Rose. A few hours later, the development team managed to regain control of the hacked account. We are currently investigating and searching for a vulnerability with which hackers managed to gain access to the account.

Earlier, Immunefi reported that in 2022, hackers stole assets worth $3.9 billion from cryptocurrency companies and projects. At the same time, as a result of five hacks, assets worth $ 2.36 billion were stolen.

Source: Bits

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