Hackers hacked the account of the American company MicroStrategy on social network X to post phishing links. User losses have already exceeded $440,000.

The attackers posted fraudulent links on the MicroStrategy account about the distribution of “own” MSTR tokens based on Ethereum. Users were prompted to click on a malicious link, after which they were redirected to a fake MicroStrategy website. Victims were then required to connect their Web3 wallets to submit a request to participate in the fake MSTR airdrop. The deceived users followed the scammers’ instructions, as a result of which they lost their crypto assets.

Independent blockchain sleuth ZachXBT conducted a joint investigation with the Scam Sniffer platform, finding that hackers pocketed more than $440,000 during the scam. Just minutes after the first malicious link appeared in a MicroStrategy account, one user suffered a significant loss of $424,786. Victim translated to the attacker's address $134,000 in wBAI tokens, $122,000 in CHEX tokens and $45,000 in wPOKT tokens. Researchers later discovered that funds from two transactions were automatically redirected to a second address associated with the PinkDrainer hacker group.

Fortunately, many crypto investors immediately realized that MicroStrategy's account had been hacked, since the company is focused exclusively on Bitcoin. Therefore, they suspected that MicroStrategy was unlikely to issue tokens on the Ethereum network.

Recently, MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor said that the company has no plans to sell off its bitcoins in the near future. Saylor also said that MicroStrategy plans to rebrand and develop Bitcoin-related technologies.