The attackers managed to hack the cryptocurrency gambling platform, as a result of which $41.3 million worth of assets were withdrawn from it. The platform team officially confirmed the hack.

According to the developers, funds were withdrawn from ETH/BSC hot wallets. The incident is currently being investigated. Representatives of stressed that user funds and other wallets of the project remain safe. At the moment, the platform has suspended all deposits and withdrawals.

Apparently, the hackers managed to get access to the private keys from the wallets. However, it is not yet clear whether the attackers were able to steal the key itself from the developers, or whether they took advantage of some vulnerability in the interface or hot wallet service.

The funds were withdrawn in two transactions. First, the hackers withdrew $15.7 million – 6,000 ETH ($9.8 million) and $5.9 million in stablecoins. Then another $25.6 million was withdrawn, of which $17.8 million was on the BNB Chain network, and $7.8 million was in assets based on Polygon.

According to CertiK, various hackers and scammers managed to steal $1 billion worth of cryptocurrencies in 2023.