Haddad should announce the “Zero Litigation” program this Thursday; see details

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The Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, is expected to announce this Thursday afternoon (12) the “Zero Litigation” program, which will allow taxpayers to settle their tax disputes with the government and, at the same time, allow the inflow of resources for the public safes.

The design of the program is basically divided into two plans.

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For individuals, micro and small companies, the discount can be up to 50% on the total amount of the debt, to be paid within 12 months. In this case, debts must be up to 60 minimum wages.

For legal entities with debts greater than 60 minimum wages, the discount may be up to 100% on the amount of interest and fines.

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The economic team must also allow the use of tax losses and negative calculation base to settle between 52% and 70% of the debt.

The program must also establish the end of resource to Carf for amounts below R$ 15 million. That is, if the taxpayer wins in the first instance, the litigation would automatically end.

As shown to CNN on Wednesday night, the package should include four provisional measures, two decrees, an inter-ministerial ordinance, one from the Revenue and one from the Attorney General of the National Treasury.

The measures should also involve changes in the PIS/Cofins, such as the reduction of the tax on the revenue of large companies.

They should also include the resumption of the tie-breaking vote in favor of the Union in tax disputes with taxpayers in the Tax Appeals Administration Council, the body that judges tax disputes.

With the vote, the chances of winning the Revenue are greater and, therefore, of increasing the collection. It is also possible that there are changes in the ICMS.

Source: CNN Brasil

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