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Haddad’s house in SP is the target of an attempted robbery during the early hours of this Thursday

The home of the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad (PT), suffered an attempted robbery in the early hours of this Thursday (14) in the neighborhood of Indianópolis, south of the capital of São Paulo.

According to the Federal Police (PF), the incident took place around 5 am. An employee arrived to work and noticed the door to the residence had been broken into.

The minister was at home at the time of the attempted invasion.

The minister went to check the security camera images and found that a motorcycle stopped at the door of his house at around 3 am. A person came down and broke down the gate. Then, four armed men got out of a car. They passed through the gate, but did not invade the residence and left.

Federal police officers are at the property to carry out an investigation and survey the security cameras to try to identify the robbers.

The investigation will be conducted by the PF superintendence in São Paulo.

Official note from the Ministry of Finance

“The backyard of the house of the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, was invaded by four men in the early hours of this Thursday (14). The minister was at home. The suspects have not yet been identified, but the property’s surveillance cameras, in the South Zone of São Paulo, recorded the invasion and the images have already been handed over to the Federal Police. The interior of the residence was not broken into and nothing was stolen. The details will be gathered by the police investigation.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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