Hailey Bieber explained how false the rumors are about her relationship with Justin

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If you are an active user on TikTok, you cannot fail to have come across dozens and dozens of videos in For you that show how unhappy the relationship between Hailey Bieber and Justin is: images are mounted together that catch them arguing or with a sad look as they walk together or, the most popular one, in which Justin forgets to keep the door open for his wife once they get out of the car.

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Finally the model has decided to silence, once and for all, these rumors and has made him a guest of the podcast of Demi Lovato, 4D With Demi Lovato. “There is this huge lie that Justin is not nice to me, polite, that he even mistreats me but the exact opposite is true”, has explained. In fact, she went on to say that she has never been with anyone as respectful to her as the singer: “It makes me feel special every day and I feel extremely lucky and everyone who knows us personally can say the same thing. Instead these rumors continue to circulate always ».

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For the model the problem is every gesture is interpreted with a key that could not be further from reality. Like when they were caught, some time ago, arguing a Las Vegas (but which couple does not?) and immediately there was talk of crisis and divorce between the two. “The truth – added Mrs. Bieber – is that we have never been happier than we are right now and we have a lot of fun together”. Unfortunately, however, he knows that his words cannot change some people’s minds so Hailey has learned to let these criticisms slip on him. As she herself pointed out: “When you are with a famous and well-known person, there will always be someone who will say something about you, about you, about them. Impossible to prevent such a thing, so you learn to live with the idea that this will always happen ».

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Certainly it is not easy to acquire an awareness of this type and, above all, not to be influenced by certain words, but Hailey Bieber has decided to no longer pay attention to the hateful comments he constantly receives on social media. It is a great result – achieved with difficulty, as she has explained several times – because she knows that the only person who can judge her relationship is only her.

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