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Hailey Bieber hates pregnancy rumors

Hailey Bieber has had enough of the pregnancy rumors. The model and founder of Rhode She finds the incessant chatter about her alleged pregnancies and her body “depressing.”

Bieber, who is on the cover of the latest issue of GQ HYPEtold the magazine that if and when she becomes pregnant, the Internet will be «the last place anyone will know» the news, even if people never stop wondering whether or not she is expecting.

“Recently, everyone was saying, ‘Oh, my God, she’s pregnant,’ and it’s happened to me several times before,” Bieber confided, adding that the comments bother her. yes. «There’s something depressing about saying, “Geez, can’t you be bloated every now and then without being pregnant?” It would be a lie if I said: “But yes, I don’t give a fuck”.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber in July 2021 in Los Angeles

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In the past, Bieber has said she wants to raise her future children completely out of the spotlight, but now she’s not so sure that would be feasible, given that she and husband Justin Bieber are both very, Very famous. “That was before I got married. At the time, I didn’t know who I was going to get married to, I’m sure of that,” Bieber explained, reflecting on how much things have changed since he first made those plans. «Maybe at 18 I liked the idea of ​​not raising children in a certain environment, but now my life is completely different than when I was 18. It’s very difficult to say what I will or won’t do when there is no child yet.” According to the model, the only type of parenting she is familiar with at the moment is dog parenting. “And it’s not the same thing at all.”

Despite the incessant public attention on her alleged pregnancies, Bieber is actually looking forward to becoming a mother at some point. «[La maternità] it’s something I look forward to,” he said. «But it is also a very intimate and personal thing. It’s something that will come when it has to come.” She also understands that being in the public eye and part of a super-famous power couple comes with special attention. “Honestly, all in all, it’s just hilarious how much people care. Let me do what I want with my body, do what you want with yours and let’s end it here.”

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Hailey Bieber had already expressed her opinions on pregnancy and her intention to start a family with Justin, saying she was “afraid” of what the future holds for her, partly because of the constant focus on herself, her husband, and their marriage. “This is literally making me cry non-stop!” Bieber said in early 2023. “I really want to have kids, but I’m scared. It’s already hard that people say things about my husband or my friends. I can’t imagine having to deal with people saying things about a child.” In 2020, Justin told Ellen DeGeneres that he wants many children, but that it’s a decision he and Hailey need to make together: «I would love to have my own little tribe. But, of course, the body belongs to him and [rispetterò] whatever he wants to do.”

Hailey Bieber admits that her future children will be known to their parents, much the same as she was during childhood: Bieber, in fact, is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin of the Baldwin family. She predicts that having her children bear the last name Bieber will be “amazing and challenging for them at the same time.” Plus, she won’t be afraid to spark comments with matching “nepo baby” dresses. “Yes, for my baby!” Bieber responded enthusiastically when asked what she thought of onesies and matching T-shirts. “It would be brilliant.”

Despite the ups and downs of his extraordinarily public life and the gossip that comes with it, Bieber is doing well, A thousand thanks. “I feel like this is where I’m meant to be,” she told GQ. «There were times when I didn’t feel as connected to myself or my body for various reasons. At this moment in my life, I feel very clear, very concrete, very happy. I just focus on what’s in front of me.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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