Hair: all the blondes of autumn 2021

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If you are part of the #biondatinta team, as always, your trusted hairstylist, as soon as you switch the season and go from tops to sweaters, he recommends dimming the brightness of the color towards less sunny shades. But this year, the trend in hair color is to simply ignore the calendar and do whatever you want. And we fully approve of it.

According to Christine Symonds, coiffeur of celebs, the pandemic has voided the whole concept of seasonal hair color: “People no longer care about the time of year.

A few seasons ago one might have thought that the brilliant blonde was to be classified as a purely summer shade. Now, many want the opposite, which is a darker and more natural shade for the summer and, perhaps, turn platinum for autumn», Explained the expert a Refinery29.

As proof of the new course of blond and light hair even in the cold season the Instagram feeds filled with 50 (thousand) shades of blonde of which the celebs then become standard bearers showing the fantastic shades of the moment and how to copy them. «Blondes this fall resonate in soft and velvety colors. After a summer where hot and shiny blondes took the show, in autumn the blondes turn to nude. These are elegant, sober, soft shades that contrast, accentuate and enhance the complexions warmed by the summer sun. In satin shades sand stone, the coolest blond palette is inspired by the colors of the desert. For natural brown looks we will have shades with more intense shades, such as sienna. For those who love lighter shades, however, milk chocolate it is the shade that will refresh autumn blondes. Beyoncè, Jennifer Lopez and the model Eden Fines they are the three muses that inspire at this moment, perfect witnesses for the autumn trend », says Deris Sbabo, Blondme Ambassador Schwarzkopf Professional Italia.

For the vip watcher more inveterate who do not miss any beauty change of the stars, the most coveted blonde is Kristen Stewart’s strawberry blonde. Part platinum, part red, the actress’s new strawberry hue (with which she made her debut on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival) was an artistic collaboration between colorist Daniel Moon and hairstylist Adir Abergel.

Ever since she turned pure blonde and cut her hair in one shag bob, Billie Eilish it is another point of reference à beauté, for Gen Z and beyond. Wannahave also the ice blonde flaunted and combined with a buzzcut by the model Iris Law (and recently also from Arisa in a warmer tone) e Kate Mara’s white blonde which looks almost white and brings out the eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones.

In short, autumn blondes generate addiction. Browse the gallery, but be careful: you will fall into temptation.

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