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Hair and make-up: five New Year’s looks stolen from the stars

Flaming lips, sparkling lids, glowing complexions and dream hairstyles. These are the beauty ingredients that are said to be ready to season the upcoming Christmas holidays. Parties that, after months of closures and postponed occasions, rediscover the pleasure and glamor of bright and magnetic make-up.

Se the Red lips, the velvety and well-designed ones, are confirmed as solid certainty of this magical period, not least are blended powders and eyeshadows. Smokey-eyes remains the undisputed king of beauty seduction, flanked by two inevitable allies: black pencil and mascara, the “never-without” of make-up eyes. And if doe eyelashes, voluminous and charged, flutter at every toast, it is the eyeliner that irremediably seduces and conquers.

To prepare for the holidays, we have chosen five looks, flaunted by the stars in this 2021, perfect for parties and end of year celebrations. Five different ideas to finally say goodbye to this long year and welcome the new one in total beauty.

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