Hair clipper Prank 2.4

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Hair Clipper Prank Is a simple fun prank application that will provide your smartphone with a wide variety of sounds.

Joking is a wonderful skill that brings laughter and joy to the world around you. And joking funny is a real art! You can play pranks on friends and relatives not only on April 1, but also on any other day. In this application you will find many funny and cool sounds that can not only make a friend laugh, but also arrange a real harmless prank. For example, you can download the sound of a hair clipper and make fun of a sleeping friend. Or download cracks and scratches on a smartphone screen and prank a clumsy comrade.

In addition, here you will find fake flatulence sounds, an incoming video call, a laser pointer simulator, and more. Only your imagination is important here. But remember that any joke must be harmless and funny! Only then will you master the real and great art of prankas.

Features of Prank Hair Clipper App:

  • Simple user interface;
  • Large selection of different sounds;
  • Proximity sensors;
  • Funny stickers.

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