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Hair masks: do they really work? Yes, but only if used in the right way

Are hair masks really a long hair elixir? And with shiny, healthy and shiny hair, too.
Is it a chimera, a placebo or do they really work? The correct answer is the third, the last: they work, yes. But there is one thing: any mask is not good and no way to apply / use it is good either. You must always focus on quality products, on ingredients suitable for your hair type and suitable for the problem you want to solve. Last but not least, it is good to use the masks with a certain regularity and in a very specific way. In short, as always, the rule of everything does not apply.

«Masks are good cosmetic products that can help support the health of
hair. However, not all masks are the same, it is necessary to choose professional and high quality products
proven quality », explains Dr. Ramona Zanniello, Specialist in Dermatology and Venereology (who works at the Bios Euclide and Studio MedicoM studios in Rome and at the Marciano Clinic in Formia, in the province of Latina) to Vanity Fair.

For every problem, there is a suitable ingredient

Obviously, to solve a problem of brittle hair, an anti-dandruff mask should not be applied and vice versa, it is clear. However, there is often a tendency to overdo the treatments, to stratify and to resort to more products. With the undesirable effect of making a mess, perhaps also triggering the much hated and feared rebound effect that makes the problem worse …
So the first thing to keep in mind is that the scalp is skin and therefore must be treated as such. None of us with oily, acne-prone skin would ever dream of using a nourishing, oily cream, right? Here, the same thing must be true for the hair.

The ingredients to choose according to the problem

«For dry, brittle and frizzy hair, masks based on B vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B6, PP and biotin are useful, which have a restructuring effect. Also excellent are those based on keratin, known for its highly moisturizing power. This type of mask is also suitable for oily hair and dandruff because they too need hydration and nutrients, just like dry hair », explains the dermatology specialist.

How, when and for how long hair masks should be used

The how is also just as important as the what. Using the product correctly helps to increase its effectiveness. «For best results, hair masks should be used regularly, 1-2 times a week to achieve long-lasting results. It is also good to use specific shampoos that prepare the hair for the use of the mask and maximize its effect », underlines the expert. Most of the professional masks on the market are to be applied to wet hair, after shampooing. «It should be spread over the entire length, applying a greater amount of it on the tips».

The duration of the treatment must follow the indications given by the production house, without exceeding slipping into too much or even too little. «They are held for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the type of mask. Then they must be rinsed with plenty of water. Afterwards it is good to dry the hair with warm air and without rubbing it », concludes Dr. Ramona Zanniello.


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