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Hair, the big color trends already spotted on the stars

What we can say for sure is that, hair side, there is a desire to go beyond banalities. Once out of the pandemic, hair no longer wants to be dull, with regrowth or with oxidized shades. There is a desire for buttery blondes, non-trivial browns and shocking colors. We take lessons from the stars who have already experimented with all the coolest colors of the moment, to face the arrival of winter with a positive and gourmand attitude.

We asked the expert how to give our hair a totale refresh.

“We are abandoning the pastel. There is a great appeal of the 2000s as Loewe demonstrated on the catwalk – he explains Giampaolo Gori, founder and hair expert of Kult Milano – The colors now of desire are bright and less saturated. There is yellow, there is red, there is blue, and there is purple, without, however, looking for those middle shades that gave the subtle nuances. Block colors are also very popular, i.e. color details on natural hair, such as a wedge on the fringe, on the lengths or on the base. To obtain them, however, it is necessary to bleach. The hair, with the use of malic acid, thus becomes a white page on which to create the desired color. But don’t be afraid of ruining your hair, thanks to new technologies, such as Bond Building by Olaplex, which allows you not to break the hair, or Blondorplex by Wella, which bleaches at low volumes protecting the hair, without losing the movement of the curl and without creating the dreaded frizz effect. No fear of experimenting ».

There is a desire for hair like Zendaya or HoYeon Jung, star of Squid Game, so to speak. An intense and smokey red, very refined. «The must is magenta red, almost purplish less orange, or fuchsia or green, while yellow has replaced orange».

Nice surprises even for the lightest hair. «In the blond category, ash and strawberry reflections are abandoned. Butter is much sought after, a more defined and uniform color, and we return to the use of the paper to give uniformity, as opposed to shatush and balayage or the grayish-blond reflection that was so fashionable until last summer. The blond warms up, the hair is rich in lightening, and the block coloring technique that Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker used in the 2000s is back. That’s why as far as cuts are concerned, scaling is back in vogue and less geometric lengths allow you to create various personalized light effects ».

Then there are the biscuit colors, enhanced by the chunky highlights technique, and the smokey gold, a very bright brown thanks to flashes of golden blonde. “As for the browns, we are in that phase where all the brunette they still want to color their hair a little, opting for non-trivial reflections and lightening that polish the hair. Coffee and chocolate are preferred to black, which is more difficult to maintain due to its reddish hues ».


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