Hair, what women don’t know (or think they know)

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Commonplaces die hard. And today, well into the third millennium, it is not difficult to come across false beliefs and mythologies object of faith even of our grandmothers. Many misconceptions are about hair. So much so that, in this regard, a book on the subject has also recently been published The Science of Hair – The Truths, the False Myths, The Best Way to Take Care of It (ed. Gribaudo) of the pharmacist with a master’s degree in trichology Elena Accorsi Buttini.

So we thought of asking one of the most famous hairstylists in the world, Enzo Angileri, hairdresser of Hollywood divas, to help us destroy the most common beliefs that still circulate.

Starting with the fringe, an absolute trend also for the summer. It is not true that it does not suit everyone, if you want to change your look, everyone has the right to feel free to do it: «Many women are convinced that the fringe is to be excluded if you have a low forehead or an important nose. Nothing more wrong! Most of the time a face with a not too high forehead is the best candidate, because the fringe hides it going to visually lengthen that area. So, in reality, it’s just the best way to disguise what some people experience as a weak spot on their face. Same goes for who she has a big nose and thinks bangs would be a bad choice. On the contrary, it creates a “new surface” which, by pushing the forehead area forward, restores a new harmony to the face ». In case of need, especially in summer, how to cut it yourself? “Better to do it on dry hair, because when wet the hair is 30% longer and this is to be considered if you don’t want to end up with too short a fringe”, explains the expert.

Let’s now tackle one of the great myths of all time: Does washing your hair too often ruin it?
“The secret is all in the products: Quality shampoo and conditioner and a good mask applied periodically always guarantee healthy hair. So don’t worry about washing them too often if you like to have a fresh look, without pillow marks. If we really want to take care of it, let’s focus on a good periodic mask. I find those by Renè Furterer really excellent ».

As for split ends, there are many who blame them …
«Split ends are not the result of a lack of attention or, always, from damaged hair: they are rather the result of medium and long length rubbing on our clothes ».

There is also a lot of confusion about the application of hairstyle products. How to best use them?
«Foams, gels and the like must be carefully distributed over the entire hair: this foresight guarantees that the texture of the hair has a homogeneous texture and that the look is more beautiful and cared for. Sprays and products to give volume, on the other hand, should be applied only on the root and on the first 2-3 centimeters, going downwards. In this way, when you dry your hair with a hairdryer, a support is created that effectively lifts it from the scalp and creates that volume you were looking for ».

And the ponytail, is it true that there is an ideal height to do it?
«A beautiful high and well positioned ponytail, with shiny hair, is always a guarantee, especially in summer for those looking for a practical, fast and effective hairstyle. But the secret of a perfect result is to always do it diagonally with the chin and never behind the nose, because in profile, it would create a not very harmonious aesthetic while, positioned at the top, it not only lengthens the head and figure but forms a very beautiful geometry to see ».

Is it true that the ideal hedgehog doesn’t last?
«Here too the secret lies in the right product. Some cream gels, such as Fekkai’s, can be applied safely without worrying about making the hair sticky; in the same way a good leave-in conditioner like that of Mizani it is perfect for obtaining the ideal hedgehog, keep hair hydrated, repair damage and control dryness and frizz ».

Instead, what to do last minute for a super shine effect and, maybe, we don’t have the right product at home?
«Hairspray can be of great help in achieving a long-lasting shiny look. Especially those with short or medium-length hair, after having brushed and combed them, can spray a little hairspray at a slightly closer distance than usual and immediately go over with a comb, before it dries (be careful, because it dries quickly! ): the cleanest look, without fluttering hair and therefore more elegant and sophisticated is guaranteed ».

After taking notes, in the gallery beauty shopping tips for a real Hollywood star’s hair.

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