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Haircuts that will favor you depending on your height

Haircuts that will favor you depending on your height

When you’re looking for a new haircut, there are many things to consider. While the natural texture of your hair and the shape of your face can be a guide, have you ever considered your body height? This is something that many women do not analyze, but height is also an important factor, because with a haircut you can accentuate certain favorable characteristics of your body and minimize others that are not.

As we do with clothes, the same should happen when choosing the style of our hair and opt for the one that is most flattering for us according to the characteristics of our body. That’s why today we bring you some tips and suggestions to achieve the perfect balance from head to toe.

If you’re shorter than 1.55m, these styles are for you!


The cuts Bob with various types of lengths they are the best option for short women. Your stylist may want to talk you out of it and try to convince you to keep your hair long, but we assure you that she makes you look shorter than you really are.


Another option is cutting pixie, which in addition to giving you visual length, will also make you look super youthful! You can wear it with fringe and some layers or to the side with more volume. This style is ideal for short women with strong or elongated features, since leaving the neck open will make you look taller.

If your height is between 1.56 and 1.65 m


Sleek and sophisticated styles are a great choice for women of average height. The lob they are very flattering and versatile, offering a range of great lengths so you can choose the one you like best to wear your hair in proportion to your height. It will look amazing if you add some soft waves to it!

If you measure between 1.66 and 1.75 m

long or medium length

Long or medium length hair will be the perfect options for you! You can add layers to texture and frame your face, following the contour of your cheekbones and jawline. Plus, you can wear it wavy for added dimension.

If your height exceeds 1.75 m

You can choose the style you like best!

If you are tall, practically everything looks good on you! So try to embrace your height and be more confident, because any haircut is ideal for you, it will only depend on the shape of your face and your features.

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