Haiti: At least 15 members of a US mission were abducted by a gang

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Members of a US mission were abducted by a gang in the eastern suburb of Port-au-Prince, it became known from sources in the Haitian security forces.

Between 15 and 17 American citizens, including children of missionary families, are in the hands of the armed gang, which for months has been stepping up kidnappings and thefts in the area between its capital. Haiti and the border with the Dominican Republic, clarified one of the sources, which last night was not able to clarify whether ransom has already been demanded.

“The well-being and security of American citizens abroad is one of our top priorities at the State Department. We know this information and we have nothing to add at this time. “, a representative of the American government commented to the French Agency.

Reuters reports that, according to security officials quoted by the New York Times, the members of the mission were abducted by a bus heading to the airport, where they would leave some members of the group before continuing to another destination in Haiti.

The US embassy in Haiti did not respond to a request for comment on the abduction.

Armed gangs, which for years have controlled the poorest districts of the Haitian capital, have extended their power to Port-au-Prince and its environs.

More than 600 abduction cases have been recorded in the first three quarters of 2021, up from 231 in the same period in 2020, according to the Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research, based in the Haitian capital.

For years, a deep political crisis has paralyzed Haiti’s socio-economic development. The July 7 assassination of President Jouvenel Moyes by armed commandos at his private home plunged the Caribbean country even further into uncertainty.

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