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Haiti’s new police chief promises ‘unrelenting’ operations against gangs

The new director of the Haitian police, Ramo Normil, announced on Monday that large-scale operations are being prepared to deal with gangs that are causing disruption in the country, during a press conference attended by the commander of the central operational zone of the international security police force. . “Operations will be carried out non-stop” and “one morning, the population will wake up and find that the thugs have been stopped by the police,” said Ramo Normil, during his first public appearance since being named police chief in late June. He replaced Franz Elbe, who had been criticized for his handling of the fight to end organized crime. “For strategic reasons, we will not announce how we will proceed,” Mr. Normill noted. Haiti has been plagued in recent years by the violence of armed gangs, which are estimated to control 80% of the capital Port-au-Prince and roads of strategic importance for the country. Their action escalated rapidly earlier […]
Source: News Beast

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