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Halloween is approaching, do you dare to wear black lipstick?

Red lipstick was and remains a great classic, but you want to put it on the thrill of wearing black lipstick? Of course, initially it may seem strange to show off lips so dark, so showy, so transgressive, but the beauty look da rebel girl super sexy alla Rihanna it is bound to be addictive, not to mention that it acts as a valuable self-esteem booster. And then there’s Halloween just around the corner, so the ideal time to give the black lipstick a chance is this.

As he remembers Fanny Maurer, International Makeup Artist at KVD Vegan Beauty, “The first historical reference to black lipstick comes fromAncient Egypt. In fact, around 4000 BC, the Egyptians loved to show off an intense beauty look, with green eyeshadow, blue-black lipstick, henna on the feet and nipples painted in blue and gold. Coming to the present time, black lipstick is a must for Halloween night, but it comes often worn also by those who love indie, underground, punk or gothic style. Without a doubt, the black lipstick is an indication of a strong personality, capable of expressing itself with determination. Beautiful on naturally dark-skinned women, black lipstick works best on a graphic eye makeup in cat eye style, with a thick touch of black eyeliner, while for the base I recommend opting for less is more, working the skin with the best skincare products so that it is fresh and radiant, but covering it as little as possible with foundation and powders ».

In the gallery, 8 Instagram photo who interpret the trend black lips. Get inspired for Halloween!


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