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Hamas members filmed the beginning of the October 7 massacre with body cameras

In the far east of Gaza, a few minutes before dawn on October 7, a group of Hamas extremists waits in a white pickup truck. They make sure their body cameras are on and their weapons are ready.

An explosion in the distance seems to be the signal to move. As they rush to the border, the men shout “Allahu Akbar,” a phrase that means “God is great” in Arabic.

After three minutes of driving, they crossed the first border barrier that separates Gaza from Israel. The fence is destroyed, which leaves a large opening for them to pass through. It’s difficult to know whether it’s because of the explosion heard moments before.

Video of the attack provided to CNN by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) shows a new face of Hamas terrorist attacks from Gaza’s eastern border.

The video comes from the body camera of one of the participants in the attack. The IDF claims to have released the video to show the reality of what happened on October 7, a day that Israeli authorities compared to September 11, when around 1,200 people were killed and more than 200 others taken hostage by the radical Islamic group.

This record marks the first time that Israel has publicly released images of Hamas tunnels in Gaza, which would have been used in the acts. Wires run along the shafts, although there is no visible overhead lighting. The only bright spot comes from a flashlight. Some supplies are seen on the floor.

Images: Hospital in Gaza where Hamas held hostages, according to Israel

Source: CNN Brasil

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