In June, the demand for percussion massagers on the Wildbberries marketplace almost tripled. Massagers began to be actively sold in March. The reason: they can be used to quickly tap the hamster in Hamster Kombat.

The device cards’ descriptions say they are useful for those who “tap” Hamster Combat. The massagers can be applied to the hand with which the user clicks on the hamster image. The vibration makes the clicks happen much faster.

The description of a typical percussion massager with four attachments on Wildberries states: “Percussion massager for the muscles of the back, neck and Hamster Combat.”

Ozon confirmed that they have seen increased user demand for this type of product: by 34% over the past year. However, the Yandex Market marketplace has not recorded any significant interest.

Hamster Combat is a mini-application in the Telegram messenger. Users must click on the picture of a hamster as quickly as possible, as for each click they receive in-game currency. Telegram creator Pavel Durov promised that an airdrop of tokens will soon take place, which will be received by the owners of in-game coins.

Earlier, Can Picak, co-founder and CEO of the gaming studio Web3 Eldarune, compared the mechanics of token clickers like Hamster Combat to a financial pyramid.