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Hamster Kombat may get a place in the Guinness Book of Records

The popular clicker game Hamster Kombat is rapidly gaining popularity not only in Telegram, but also on other platforms.

The Hamster Kombat YouTube channel has surpassed the previous leader in terms of subscriber growth and is now aiming for a Guinness World Record, wrote project developers in Telegram.

Hamsters reached the Guinness Book of Records

The YouTube channel of the gaming project Hamster Kombat has surpassed the Mr Beast project in terms of subscriber growth. While the popular YouTuber is still well ahead of the game in terms of audience size, he didn’t worry such growth as is now seen in the “battle of the hamsters”.

Since its launch on May 24, the Hamster Kombat YouTube channel has amassed over 30 million subscribers, with 10 million joining the community in less than a week. Six days, 13 hours, and 15 minutes, to be precise. This achievement could earn the average tapalka a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

According to Social Bladethe total number of views of the video from the game project team currently amounts to 512 million. On average, the content from the “Hamster Battle” team daily gains 20 million views. The daily income from such indicators is estimated in the range between $4 thousand and $69 thousand.

Statistics for the Hamster Kombat YouTube channel. Source: Social Blade

Hamster Kombat’s impressive growth on YouTube is easy to explain. Users receive in-game coins for watching new videos. The tasks are updated every day – content appears on the “hamster battle” channel every day as well.

The game project team records educational videos designed specifically for newcomers to Web3.

Video on Hamster Kombat channel. Source: YouTube

Hamster Kombat is a relatively new clicker game that appeared on the wave of hype around another project, Notcoin. Tapalka appeared at the end of March, but since then it has managed to attract more than 185 million players from all over the world.

The “battle of the hamsters” is played everywhere – from Uzbekistan to Iran. Moreover, on such a scale that even the Iranian government paid attention to it. The authorities call Hamster Kombat a special project of the West.

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