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Hamster Kombat players attracted scammers

Two fraudulent campaigns targeting Hamster Kombat players were detected on Telegram. About it reported FACCT analysts

The clicker does not yet provide a function for withdrawing in-game bonuses. However, researchers have discovered about 200 resources that offer mediation in their transfer to the TON wallet through its link to a special application. Thus, attackers gain complete control over the user’s assets.

The second scheme involves sending phishing links supposedly to log into Telegram and launch the Hamster Kombat bot. When clicking on it, the user loses access to his account.

FACCT experts recommended not to link your crypto wallet to dubious services and not to tell anyone the phrase to restore access.

Created in March, the Hamster Kombat clicker on Telegram is rapidly gaining popularity. According to the project’s internal statistics, the number of players exceeded 150 million people.

Previously KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange announced premarket of the in-game token HMSTR. The start of trading has been postponed several times and is currently scheduled for June 20.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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