Hands down, ten thousand in Milan demonstrate for the rights of the children of same-parent couples

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In the square there were many and all colored: families, grandparents, children, teenagers. On a sunny day, with a festive atmosphere, over ten thousand people gathered to demonstrate for something very serious: children’s rights. “Hands off our sons and daughters” is the title of the rally organized by the Rainbow Families association, the Sentinelli and Arcigay. After the halt imposed by the government on the Municipality of Milan on the registrations of the children of same-parent couples, in fact, many children have found themselves with only one mother or one father: the only way to have the recognition of the other parent is the juridical one of the special, long and expensive adoption.

Among fuchsia balloons, rainbow flags, banners with writings “It is love that creates a family” or “Explain to my son that I’m not his mother”, choirs and songs, many have asked for the rights of children to be equal for everyone, without discrimination between traditional and homoparental families. The meeting was also attended by the secretary of the Pd, Elly Schlein and the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Salawho, however, did not speak from the stage.

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“Children are loved and raised, everything else is nonsense,” says Vladimir Luxuria as he opens the event. “We want to be able to protect our children, discriminated against by the state”, says a mother, «We conceived this child. Because a child is not conceived only physically but first of all in one’s head, in one’s dreams in one’s heart. And I had to fight eight years to be able to recognize my son. I had to have a legal battle, get a lawyer involved, spend some money and time. This is not right”.

During the demonstration at one point a touching flah mob: the demonstrators all held a pen in their left hand and raised their hand to symbolize the signature of an unrecognized parent.

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«We are already moving and Alessandro Zan is also here to carry forward the expectations that have emerged from the square also in Parliament. That is, to be able to see the right of same-parent couples recognized by law,” said the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein on the sidelines of the demonstration. “The law”, added the secretary of the Democratic Party, «It was prepared and written together with the associations, the rainbow families and the Lenford network. We will be by their side as in the square also in Parliament. It has already been presented and we will push for it to be scheduled soon».

“We have to convince this government that discrimination has never led to the advancement of society. The safest society is the most inclusive one, which does not discriminate, which leaves no one behind”, continued the secretary. “There is no reason to deny their recognition, their right to exist in this community.”

Of the same idea Francesca Pascale, present in the square to demonstrate alongside the rainbow families: «Civil rights are everyone’s rights and must be defended to bring forward a society. This is not a guerrilla war between homosexuals and heterosexuals.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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