Hands: the complete six-step routine

Hands: the complete six-step routine

When we think of the hand care, we usually believe that a normal moisturizer is enough to solve everything. If it is true that the latter, especially in the coldest season and in times of frequent and continuous sanitation, is the queen ally against cracking and dryness, it is equally true that a Complete and effective handcare routine requires other valuable products.

A soft and properly pampered skin begins with proper cleansing. Choose a mild soap, which contains nourishing ingredients such as, for example, shea butter, can be a valid help. The skin, at this point, is ready to receive the following treatments: one moisturizing cream to soothe and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and, in the case of extreme dryness and dryness, a mask specially designed for the hands which, left on, acts as an intense hydration booster.

A complete routine, however, certainly cannot neglect the nails. These too, in addition to colored glazes, need the right care. A deficiency of vitamins and other essential elements can often lead to nail weakness. That’s why hiring food supplements specific, always under medical supervision, or the application of strengthening treatments practical and effective in pen can facilitate its strengthening. The last step? The care of the cuticles using formulas based on nourishing oils and protective that help moisturize, soften and protect.

Your hands will thank you.

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