Harry and Meghan angry over the controversy over their daughter’s name: “Defamatory Report”

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A few weeks after the victory in court against the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail, i Sussex they are ready for a new one legal battle against the British media. This time in the sights of Harry of England e Meghan Markle there are no i tabloid, but the very famous BBC, the company that is the exclusive concessionaire of the public radio and television service in UK. So much so that, according to Variety, one would have already left threatening letter signed by the lawyers of the dukes.

At the heart of the controversy are some revelations of the real correspondent Jonny Dymond concerning the name of the second daughter of the Sussex household, Lilibet, which is the famous private nickname of the Queen Elizabeth. «They chose him without asking for permission to Her Majesty, ”said the BBC citing an anonymous source from the Palazzo. “The sovereign was unaware of one similar decision and it has not been put in a position to really express an opinion».

“Harry talked to the whole royal family before the official announcement, his grandmother she was the first person who called, ”Sussex replies via the spokesman. “During that conversation, they also talked about the name of the girl: if the sovereign had not agreed, Lilibet it would not have been used“. In short, the reconstruction of the BBC – per i Sussex – does not correspond to the truth, so they alerted their London law firm, Schillings.

The accusation, therefore, is to have reported news «False and defamatoryAbout the choice of the daughter’s name. By the way, the relationships between casa Windsor – especially Harry – and la BBC have been tense for weeks after that an internal company investigation highlighted that the sensational television interview of Lady Diana issued to the reporter Martin Bashir in 1995 – in which he spoke of his “too crowded wedding“- was extorted from her by deception and”dishonest methods».

In short, the Sussex relationship with the media is confirmed turbulent.

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