Harry and Meghan Markle as «Brangelina»: will they become wine producers?

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The Tig. The historic blog of Meghan Markle, removed from the web when the former American actress officially joined the royal family, took its name from a famous Italian red wine, the Tignanello, signed by Antinori and precursor of the Supertuscan. Today that passion of the Duchess could take a new shape: it is rumored that she and her husband, the principe Harry, are thinking of jumping into the business viticulture.

The indiscretion comes from Daily Mail, which highlights how i Sussex have moved to an area of California with hundreds of cellars. «Here a Montecito investing in wine is one thing quite commonThe decorator revealed to the tabloid Penny Bianchi, neighbor and great friend of Oprah Winfrey. “I wouldn’t be surprised then if Harry and Meghan took this Street. It would be great if they created their own label».

Following in the footsteps of lots of celebrities, among which Brad Pitt e Angelina Jolie: they, American by birth, did the reverse path than the Sussex and produce wine in Europe, in their French castle, where they own 1200 acres of vineyards. Just last summer, after years in the world of champagne, the Hollywood actor launched a new maison, Miraval flower, with only rosé limited edition.

“Would be fantastic if two characters like Harry and Meghan invested in the production of wine a Montecito“, he added Greg Martellotto, member of the Santa Barbara Vintners Association. “Would be yet another recognition for our wine region ». «Thanks to its climate, it is an ideal location for grape cultivation“, he has declared David DeLaski, who manages the winery Solminer. “Many stars have bought land here.”

“Singer Pink, for example, or Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas own companies who produce wine in Santa Barbara », he reveals speaking to the British newspaper. «Celebrities who are successful in other sectors, with a budget to spend, and which they decide to put together a new business surrounded by nature, but two hours from The Angels. Also in the area there are many talented people to assume that they can be supportive. “

In short, the Sussexes just have to put the job advertisement.

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