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Harry and Meghan Markle: not even a phone call from Carlo and William after the car accident

That gives Buckingham Palace have entrenched themselves behind a curt “no comment” after the car chase by some paparazzi against the prince Harry and of Meghan Markle it is known, but it seems that not even privately from London there has been any kind of interest in the dukes of Sussex.

The Sussexes after the event on 16 May ©Getty Images.


According to Page Sixwho heard an insider close to Harry and Meghan, neither Charles III nor his eldest son William would have heard from Harry for explanations on the matter, but not even, more simply, to make sure of their conditions. No one, at this juncture, was willing to talk to the press, Harry’s own spokesman would have been slow to spread the version of events of the prince and his wife, subsequently questioned both by the New York police and by the driving taxi driver.

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Harry and Meghan Markle, “terrified and upset” after the pursuit of photographers
The dukes of Sussex would be in shock from the terrible experience that saw them protagonists in New York. According to their spokesperson, the chase lasted for two hours and led to several rear-end collisions, but the city police denied

The facts date back to Tuesday 16 May. After attending the ceremony of the Women of Vision Awards, during which Meghan had been awarded for her commitment to women and rights, the dukes had first climbed into an SUV and then into a taxi, chased by photographers. With them, also the mother of the former actress, Doria Ragland. All three “terrified” and “upset” for the “terrible experience” lived, a source close to the family had announced the day after the events a Us Weekly. “This relentless pursuit, which lasted more than two hours, resulted in multiple collisions involving other drivers, pedestrians and two policemen,” said Harry Meghan’s spokesman.

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Harry and Meghan, the police on the paparazzi chase: “No collision”
The Sussex spokesman spoke of an “almost catastrophic” episode, the authorities specify that “there are no injuries or arrests”. Meanwhile, the mayor of New York has branded the behavior of photographers as “irresponsible”, evoking the memory of Lady Diana

Different version for the New York police, which through an official note declared: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have arrived at their destination: there are no collisions, injuries or arrests”. Same wavelength for the taxi driver driving the second car: the ride would last a few minutes, not two hours as stated by the couple. Possible that Harry and Meghan have overplayed their hand a bit in reporting the details of what happened? Or is it the others who try to throw water on the fire?

What is certain is that the silence of London speaks clearly and tells theabysmal distance that there is at the moment between Harry and his family of origin, which has also overlooked the anniversary of the wedding with Meghan Markle. Despite Megxit, they had always arrived from the social pages of the royal family in recent years official greetings on the occasion of the anniversary of May 19th: this year, however, for the fifth anniversary, everything remained silent about it. A silence that says more than any word.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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