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Harry and the confessions we will never forget (including circumcision)

Verba volant, scripta manent. And the Prince Harry – with great courage, to his credit – he put in everything black on white, in great detail. In his much talked about biography, Sparein fact there is no shortage of intimate details of his life. “Maybe too much”states the American portal Just Jared, that he lined up the most embarrassing confessions of the Duke of Sussex, those who «we can not forget».

Harry, for example, talked about when he found himself in front of sex scenes Of Suitsbetween his wife Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams. “It would take electroshock to get those images out of my head,” Harry wrote. «There were her and another actor who were tossing each other around in some sort of office. You didn’t need to see it.” A passage that has caused discussion, but never as much as the one on circumcision.

Well yes, the prince talked about it. “There have been countless stories in books and newspapers about the fact that Willy and I were not circumcised», we read in the memoir, «It was said that mother had forbidden it. And even if it is absolutely true that the possibility of having a freezing of the penis it is much higher if you are not circumcised, I can assure you that all the stories were false. I was circumcised as a child».

The reference to freezingis linked to another anecdote revealed by Harry: before the wedding of William and Kateparticipated in a charity expedition to North Pole and when you walk for a long time at those temperatures there is a risk that the extremities suffer. «When I got home, I noticed that, in addition to the ears and cheeks, also my private parts were frozen. It was a big problem.”

Which then, fortunately, it was resolved. Like the issue related to cocainewhich the Duke of Sussex admitted to having tried out. «Yes, I tried it in the country house of someone, over a weekend,” he said. «They offered it to me, but It didn’t make me happy. It wasn’t fun, unlike it seemed to be the others around me. She made me feel different, yes, and that was it the main objective”.

In the list of Just Jared we couldn’t miss the revelations about Courtney Cox: In fact, Harry declared that he had a crush on her for teenager. «I wondered if I would ever find the courage to tell him». Whether he actually did it, we cannot know: but it is certain – according to his biography – that he tried hallucinogenic fughetti at a party right at the actress’s house, i black diamond mushroom chocolates.

Harry also told us about when he lost his virginityin a field behind a pub, with a woman older than him who treated him like «a young stallion»: «An inglorious episode. One quick thing after that he slapped my butt and he sent me to grace.” Finally a detail about William and on his «alarming» and «advanced» hair loss: «I noticed that it no longer looked like it much to our mother.”

It is no coincidence that the anecdotes linked to the rift between brothers they were the ones who most attracted the attention of the tabloids and created discussions.

Source: Vanity Fair

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