Harry and the online petition to remove the title of duke from him: “Give up, it’s the best solution”

«A decent way to resolve an unpleasant situation to say the least ». So Georgia Arianna Ziadie, better known as Lady Colin Campbell, presented the online petition to remove the title of duke a Harry of England. Or better, the initiative launched by the royal biographer on the platform change.org sounds more like asking for one voluntary waiver: «It would be one dignified solution for everyone”.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people and they all think this could be it The right wayAdded Lady C, who recently also published a book on “The true story” gods Sussex. “If he left the title, Harry would be free to do what he wants without causing damage to the institution of the monarchy, al British people and to himself. It would be a choice to protect him and her royal family».

According to Writer, the prince – who underwent a clear decline in popularity in the UK – giving up the title would give a demonstration in countertrend with what many think of him today: «He would bring him national interests above his personal goals. On the other hand, the title has now become a chain for Harry, it is so famous to have surpassed it in importance ».

Meanwhile, according to the Mail on Sunday, William would be worried from a can new ventor in worldwide view of his brother: «He is afraid that yes push too far with his bomb interviews“. In fact in the last few months, it just had the possibility, did not miss an opportunity to attack casa Windsor: especially the dad, but there have been criticisms for everyone.

“If he attacks the queen, will be cut offIs the opinion of Carlo reported by a insider. If there was really the risk of a similar epilogue, Lady Colin Campbell’s pitched idea – which she picked up in a few hours 30 thousand companies – it really could be the best solution.