Harry and William of England, that’s when we will see them again together (in the name of mother Diana)

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They would seem rather fickle at this time Harry of England and brother William, at least according to the gossip, which one day gives them on the path of reconciliation, perhaps definitive, and the other again distant, separated by something more or less irremediable.

The latest rumor was launched by the expert on real affairs Phil Dampier, author of Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan in Their Own Words, who talking to the The Sun revealed that the two aren’t talking much at the moment.

Relationships, before Christmas, had seemed more relaxed, also thanks to an exchange of gifts for their respective children, but on the more purely personal front the situation would still be stalled.

The two, however, sooner or later will have to come face to face again and whether they want it or not, 2021 will be the right year, without conditionals, and for two more than valid reasons. On June 10, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, will turn 100 years old, a considerable milestone that will presumably be celebrated in the family. His Highness has already said that he does not want anything grand, but the Queen Elizabeth she has a different opinion and, you know, what the sovereign wants is law. And if it were even just a lunch, Harry can’t help but join his grandfather, worthy of respect and a visit at least for the age reached. Philip, however, is not the only commitment on the agenda of this new prodigal son.

In summer it is also provided the inauguration of a statue dedicated to Lady Diana, and more than anything else this could be the ultimate motivator to bring young Windsor back to London. Commissioned by the two princes on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the princess’s death in 2017, the statue will be unveiled in Kensington Palace Gardens in July 2021, month in which Diana would have turned 60 (she was born on 1 July 1961, ed). For Dampier, Harry wouldn’t give up on this event for anything in the world. “I think they will join forces for the inauguration of the statue and the birthday celebrations, but I think there will be a lot of tension behind the scenes”, said the expert during the interview with the The Sun.

Relations between the two brothers have been strained since before Charles and Diana’s second son married Meghan Markle. To William, who took more than ten years to ask for Kate Middleton’s hand, the speed of brotherly intentions seemed too light and reckless, which sent Harry into a rage. The so-called Megxit was added to everything; last January the dukes of Sussex decided not to be active members of the royal family anymore, something that William would not have digested yet. A fury so powerful, his, from refusing to sit next to his brother at a family dinner decided by the queen, as told to She Saturday 2 January by the royal historian Robert Lacey.

Before discussing the terms of the Megxit, the queen had wanted a family lunch without advisors or private secretaries: “I don’t sit next to my brother”, William would have said, only showing up at the official meeting. No real gossip: that day William arrived really close to the appointment, around 2 in the afternoon. A deep anger, his, which still would not subside.

However, the showdown is near. Who knows if in the months to come the two will find a meeting point, at least in the memory of that mother that they both loved so much.

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