Harry and William, “the first step towards peace” (but the road will be long)

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They marched together behind the grandfather’s coffin, albeit separated from their cousin Peter Phillips. Then they entered the church separately and sat down on opposite sides of the choir, but after the homily they paused to talk, attracting the lens of cameramen and photographers. William e Harry were undoubtedly – along with the queen – the members of casa Windsor most observed during the funeral of Prince Philip.

After the recent disagreements caused earlier by the Megxit and then from the bombshell interview released by Sussex, there was a lot of curiosity for the face to face among the brothers, more than a year after the last time. Yes, because it was from March 2020 – on the occasion of Commonwealth Day Service – that Harry and William weren’t looking each other in the eye live: in the middle, the outbreak of the pandemic which complicated a lot travel question.

“The situation between them is complicated, the discussion is deep, but knowing the family I think it can be found a solution», Are the words of a royal insider reported by People. “They did the first steps towards peace, it was a good start. But the road they have to take remains nonetheless very long“. Indeed, the climate outside the chapel of San Giorgio he was sad – of course – but not tense.

The two exchanged a few words in public, then it is rumored that they had as well a private confrontation: «In retrospect, the idea of ​​not put them alongside during the procession it was a mistake, because it generated speculationsSaid the biographer Robert Lacey, author of Battle of Brothers. «As we have seen, they talked and everything is felt natural. They approached each other like i old times».

The first step, in fact, towards the reconciliation.

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