Harry, as “The prince seeks a wife”: “He gave up the throne faster than Eddie Murphy”

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For weeks Harry e Meghan Markle have been compared to Emmy Awards 2021: the bombshell interview released last March a Oprah Winfrey, in fact, she was a candidate for a recognition in the category of special series non-fiction. A few days ago, however, the cold shower arrived: no glory for the dukes, beaten by Stanley Tucci and from his show on Italian gastronomic excellence, «Searching For Italy».

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Somehow, though, Harry and Meghan made it to the stage of theEvent Deck of Los Angeles. The presenter of the evening, the comedian Cedric The Entertainer, in fact, during his satirical monologue he targeted the Sussexes: it all started talking about The Crown, the Serie Netflix its casa Windsor who has stocked up on statuettes (the Emmy is considered to be the equivalent of the prize Oscar for cinema, ed).

“As great as it is The Crown, pales in comparison with the true monarchy», Began Cedric, who focused the spotlight on the famous outburst of the Sussex to the microphones of Oprah. “That is real teaHe joked, bringing up a british icon and then dwelling onaccusation of racism thrown by Meghan at a member of the royal family: «I can’t believe they were really talking about Archie».

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“They need to that child why the Prince Charles he can’t dance, he needs someone to teach him how to stand up Tik Tok. I imagine that the queen also urgesCedric added, before making aa cinematic quote: «Meghan has to be careful of Harry, he has renounced the throne faster than Eddie Murphy in the movie The prince seeks a wife“. Although, unlike the principe Akeem, Harry was not the future king.

My he gesture of love, in both cases, it remains.

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