Harry, Meghan Markle, and the “shocking” proposal to Queen Elizabeth

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A few months after having ripped the royal family to pieces, accusing her in the famous bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey even of racism, Prince Harry e Meghan Markle they have asked for a meeting with the queen Elisabetta. Not only that: they let His Majesty know that they really do they intend to baptize the second child Lilibet in Windsor, as has been rumored for weeks. This was revealed by a source al Sun, specifying that the “shockingDemanded from the Sussexes at court they would have left everyone stunned (and in a bad mood).

«Harry and Meghan made this proposal to Her Majesty, but at the Palazzo many people are shocked and nervous. Maybe the Sussexes really want to meet the Queen, but given what they have put them through this year, many find their claims absurd». Buckingham Palace “He hasn’t responded to Harry and Meghan’s request yet.” However the queen “is still very fond of Harry and would like to see Lilibet and her brother Archie”. The courtiers, on the other hand, were truly “stunned by the Sussex move, after all that has happened.”

Who knows if The Queen will really indulge the rebellious couple. That a grandmother’s heart is always ready for forgiveness is a sure thing. But just as certain, at least to listen to the latest rumors, is that the queen is really fed up with the vitriolic utterances of the Sussexes. After knowing that Harry will publish his bombshell memoirs next year, Her Majesty would be looking for a super defamation lawyer. “The Queen”, as a real source told the Sun, “Is not willing to tolerate further attacks”. That Harry and Meghan have decided to hand her an olive branch, albeit in the form of a “shocking” proposal, because they fear her counter-moves?

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