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Harry Potter, back to school 2023 is tinged with magic

They solemnly swear they have no good intentions, with the Marauders map in one hand and a ticket to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the other. Potterheads fancy September 1st specifically because it is the day of Back to Hogwartsthe one in which wizards and witches leave from platform 9 and ¾ of King’s Cross in London to start the school year in the name of potions, runes and the dark arts.

The world of Harry Potter, born from the pen of JK Rowling (Salani), continues to live in amusement parks, in the three-story shop in New York, in the theatre, in cine-concerts and – soon – also in a TV series set in the Wizarding World. And a pop-up channel was born Sky Cinema Harry Potterfrom September 9 to 24, featuring all eight films in the franchise plus Fantastic Beasts – Dumbledore’s Secrets and the 20-year anniversary special with the cast.

These wonders then make a stop for two days in Milan (the first and second of September) in an area dedicated to the boy wizard in the Central Station.

Furthermore, the collections dedicated to Harry, Ron and Hermione (but not only) multiply, from the train rebuilt in lego bricks to the Calzedonia capsule collection. The reconstruction of the Spin Master characters pay particular attention to the Sorting Hat and the Elf Dobby (complete with a sock that sets him free).

From Coop to Benetton, from Primark to Kiabi, the brands are tinged with the colors of the four houses of Hogwarts and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment home video box sets in various versions, from the train-shaped one to the one with a leather case, allow review not only the cult scenes but to be able to immerse yourself in unpublished and special contents, as well as collect the rarest gadgets. As the wizards would say, done the crime!










Spin Masters

Spin Masters



The Milan event

Source: Vanity Fair

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