Harry shows the necklace “torn” by William: “I repaired it, it represents my children”

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Two rectangular and one round plate held together e tied around the neck by a black cord. The prince Harry, during an interview with The Late Showpublicly display the pendant which is mentioned in his new biography, Shoot. «In the book you tell that, during a quarrel, your brother William he broke your necklace,” says the presenter Stephen Colbert. “Which one is it?”

«Here it is, fixed» replies the duke, pulling it out under the shirt and handing it to the spectators. “There are the heartbeats of my children, it’s a gift from my wife.’ “Oh, I see the cardiogram engraved there», replies the conductor leaning over his desk. «On this one it’s above the Eye of the Tigera friend of mine made it Botswana» adds Harry, focusing on thecircular amulet.

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Tiger’s Eye is one varieties of quartzgold color with darker streaks, a hard stone originally from the south of Africa. An area of ​​the world where the Sussexes are particularly fond of: in Botswana, in fact, Harry e Meghan they did a journey together in 2016, when their relationship was in its infancy, then they are back in South Africa in 2019 with the firstborn Archie that he had just been born.

The couple, in the recent Netflix documentary film, revealed that she even thought about going to live over there, but various vicissitudes have changed the cards on the table. On the other hand, as also told in Shootthe atmosphere in the Palace was made particularly tenseso as to generate episodes of aggression: «One evening my brother grabbed me by the collar and knocked to the ground» writes Harry. “By ripping off my necklace.”

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Those three pendants which today have returned to the prince’s neck.

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