Home Entertainment Harry Styles: “My trip to Italy (indefinite)”

Harry Styles: “My trip to Italy (indefinite)”

Harry Styles: “My trip to Italy (indefinite)”

That Harry Styles be madly in love with Italy, it is well known. The last sighting in the Bel Paese, alongside his girlfriend Olivia Wildedates back a few days ago, to Civita di Bagnoregio, where it is rumored to have even bought a house. But no one knew that the British singer recently went through our peninsula on the road, alone, away from professional pressures, looking for a kind of resetof a new one inner balance.

“It was like a journey indefinitely», The artist told a Zane Loweon Apple Music, ahead of the release (May 20) of his third solo album, Harry’s Houseanticipated by the individual As It Wasalready at first place in the EarOne ranking of the most aired songs on the radio. “I drove there with a friend: he, after a couple of days, is got back on the plane, I stayed for a couple of weeks, alone. I was walking around, I was having a coffeeI sat down ».

Zane Lowe and Harry Styles

“I think I have very relaxed, I felt like no one knew where I was. I felt like a human being, ”she added. “Finally I drove all the way back, there was no one with me. I love to drive“. Which were the Italian stages of Harry, it is not known, it is certain that every now and then someone she noticed him and took a picture of him: after all, despite having only 28 years, treads the most important stages in the world from over a decade.

Primarily with i One direction, obviously. “I feel really lucky to have done that kind of path together with themHarry recalled, speaking of his former bandmates, with whom he published the first record in 2011, Up All Night. “We’ve always been there for each other, we shared feelings that we could only understand by living them together. A unit that I don’t think is priceless. And among us there is a great esteem which does not cancel, and a deep mutual love“.

Harry also revealed a tight one – and particular – link with Billie Eilish: “When it exploded, I was wondering what a musician I wanted to be. I felt young in the band, but times were changing. I met Billie a couple of times, but I am indirectly very grateful to her because it is as if she represented something for me, like “don’t worry about being a certain thing.” As if he had broken the spell, it was liberating to say “I just want to make good music“”.

The singer is also back on work done together with a psychologist: «With therapy you open a lot of doors in the house that you didn’t even know existed. Find new rooms, explore them “. From skirting the emotions, therefore, to live them intensely: “When you know that certain rooms exist within you, feel more strongly both good times and bad times ». A self-knowledge that – says Harry – was born from a greater balance between work and private life.

“My profession it’s not just about who I am, it’s something I do. For a long time, if I didn’t, I didn’t know who I was. And it’s scary because you think about how would you feel if it ends. I don’t want to be defined necessarily from what I do“. The investment in the self, in fact, gave him the opportunity to «Feel at ease with the person he is, to get to know that person better ». A new awarenessin fact, also emerged with the last album.

«The release of the first single of this album was by far the most relaxed moment among those in which I have published something, ”concluded Harry. “I feel that my general happiness no longer depends on the success who will have that song ».

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