Harry, who when he goes to London claims “protection”: is it a request-revelation?

Harry, who when he goes to London claims “protection”: is it a request-revelation?

Escort yes, escort no. That given the now imminent Sanremo Festival, it might look like a remake in chiave security of the historic piece by Elio and the tense stories. Instead it is the dilemma that grips the principe Harry for a few weeks now. Or rather, the Duke of Sussex seems to have ideas very clear“He wants to go back to the UK,” said his lawyer. “But there lack of protection by the police involves a personal risk too big”.

Basically, he threatened to sue the British government if Scotland Yard won’t give him back his escort, considering that – Harry’s lawyers clarify – his own bodyguard team does not have access to the information of theintelligence britannica, necessary to ensure the safety of him and his family. So here’s that for days i tabloid they enjoy painting the two alternative scenarios: on one side the duke with the escort, on the other the duke without an escort.


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But if we analyze thoroughly the request Harry’s, that is, going beyond thesis and counter-thesis, makes you think that don’t feel safe in your home. Close to his family, where he was born and raised. In the USA it runs with private bodyguardsobviously, in England he would like to have one Further “protection”. Sure, the dangers to the Sussexes are there, but – in the respect for work of each – it is up to Scotland Yard determine if they are threats that require an escort.

There are those who say it is only «one trivial excuse to please Meghan and stay in California“, While others argue that it is”a legitimate claimSince the duke will be at the center of attention for the entire period he will spend in the UK. The British government, consulting with the police and considering all variables, he will make his own choices: he certainly has no intention of exposing Harry at real risk, independent of its status within the royal family.

How will the story end, in practice, we’ll find out in a few months, maybe sooner. But if we move in the field of the figurative, Prince Harry’s firm call for “protection” in London undoubtedly has the taste of revelation. He, in the shadow of Big Ben, does not feel safe today.