Harry wins in court against the tabloids who defamed him

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Harry won his first battle against the tabloids, and this is no small feat in a country where tabloid newspapers have always played a central role in the life of the royal family, for better or for worse.

The facts date back to last October, when two articles published in the Mail On Sunday It is on Mail Online they had harshly attacked Harry for having “turned his back on the Royal Marines” after stepping down as senior royal of the Windsor household. The Duke of Sussex had sued her Associated Newspapers, publishing house of the two magazines, and its lawyers have pleaded, disputing the accusation why “Baseless, false and defamatory”, but also because the prince, after his farewell to the military corps – it turns out now – has always maintained very close relations with the Marines.

Harry, after all, despite having left active military service in 2015, he never strayed too far from the military environment, which helped him grow and mature with important experiences, such as that in Afghanistan.
“The Duke’s commitment to the men and women who put their lives on the line, who sacrificed themselves for their country, and to the families of the military, is constant and indisputable”, Jenny said in court. Afia, from his legal team.

Now the situation has been resolved with a public apology and compensation. The Mail Online had proposed to pay the amount directly to Invictus Games, Harry-sponsored association dedicated to veterans, but the prince preferred that the amount be paid to him directly so that he can make the donation in person. The purpose? “To feel that something good has come out of this situation.” The size of the figure has remained top secret, but has been defined as “substantial” by British royal watchers: the transaction has already taken place.

This puts an end to a decidedly thorny issue, in which the newspapers have made a bad impression and which demonstrates, if anything were needed, Harry’s determination to defend himself and his family. With his mother, perpetually besieged by the press, he could not, now that he has the age and the tools to do so he is (rightly) implacable in the face of certain attacks.

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