Has received driving lessons for the past 30 years, but never passes the exam

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There are times when we fight so hard to get something that when it is finally in front of us we completely lose ourselves and screw it up or at least that’s how it has happened with Isabelle Stedman.

The woman from Ampthill, Bedfordshire, in England, has taken close to a thousand driving lessons, but just as she is about to test for her license, something happens and she fails to pass. This is how he has tried for 30 long years.

Isabelle had her first driving lesson when she was just 17 years old and has since struggled to get her license to no avail until now. Whenever you are behind the wheel, sitting next to the instructor and ready to take a spin on the obstacle course, your mind becomes too overwhelmed and everything becomes too complicated.

Over the years, Isabelle has spent over $ 11,000 on lessons, knows the theory, knows how to read the signs, but just can’t pass the test.

I’ve been learning for 30 years, but still every time I get in a car it feels like I’ve never been in one before and it’s terrifying. I don’t get it, it’s like I’m feeling so anxious and overwhelmed that my brain chops and blacks out for a few seconds and roundabouts are the worst.

Woman sleeping in a car while parked

Isabelle is so overwhelmed that she once passed out during the test and the instructor had to take the emergency wheel to stop the car.

I am desperate to finally drive so I can take my daughter to college and easily visit my family across the country as it is so traumatizing that I fear I will never learn. My kids will probably pass their exams before me; I can’t help but feel like I missed it.

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Her children are already taking lessons with no problems and she wishes she could help them, but I just couldn’t. Still, her friends have offered to take her to places when she can’t. However, Isabelle wishes that all her fears would be over to finally fulfill her dream.

It has been a nightmare for the last 30 years, but I am hopeful that one day I will get there.

Hopefully one day you can do it, because it is never too late to learn.

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