Having ‘young children ruins the relationship’: Gwyneth Paltrow talks about the task of having children

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Gwyneth Paltrow And Katy Perry, two business women, got together to chat about The Goop Podcasts. What did they talk about? Of spirituality, and also of children! Katy Perry is raising her own daughter Daisy with his partner Orlando Bloom. Bloom also has another son, Flynn born from the relationship with Miranda Kerr. Paltrow had Apple, 18 years old, and Moses, 16 years old, with ex husband Chris Martinin addition to the two children born from the previous marriage with her husband Brad Falchuk. Martin and Paltrow’s divorce finalized in 2016, two years after she penned her famous “conscious uncoupling», the amicable separation.

“It’s hard in a relationship,” Paltrow said. “Looking back, if I’d seen parenting data with young children… Well, having them ruins relationships… It’s really hard!”. Perry, who is in the thick of this affair, was quick to say that it’s not impossible to have a healthy relationship and a baby. “I think if both people in the relationship are willing to put in the effort, then it’s a lot easier,” Perry said.if a person thinks they have no work to dothen it’s going to be really challenging.”

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Paltrow added a sweet but deeply sad observation: “I never felt alone after having Apple, and I had felt deeply alone in my life.” But basically the two stars say nothing but known things that every parent knows. It’s a universally recognized truth that raising a helpless, crying creature is difficult, and having a partner who can parent fairly is beneficial to all parties involved.

The beauty of Paltrow’s line is that it is “absolutely Gwyneth Paltrow”: funny, direct, a little provocative, potentially revealing a reality that her partner is not yet ready to acknowledge, and about a problem that one might think could only be solved with a good bank account. Surely Paltrow and her husband got all the help they could have needed with her children. But that’s not always enough. And in the end, stars are just like us. They have children, they have problems, they get divorced! And occasionally, ironically, they complain about their kids on their podcasts!

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Source: Vanity Fair

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