He asked his girlfriend to dress up to take her to a restaurant; he took her to tacos

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There are people who test their partners during their love relationships in order to check the true intentions they have with them. This practice is very common in men, since they use it as a tool to identify if a woman is by her side out of monetary interest or love.

However, not all guys do it for that purpose, as there are those who test their girlfriends simply for playing an innocent prank on them. Like this guy from Tabasco, who told her girlfriend that she would dress up very pretty to take her to a restaurant and they ended up eating at a taco stand. It went from being a joke to being a nice experience that went viral.

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screenshot of a girl getting ready inside a car

through your account @chabexxp on TikTok, a young man from Villahermosa, Tabasco, in Mexico, showed the moment he asked his girlfriend to get ready because he would take her to breakfast at a restaurant while recording the girl, who is painting her lips inside the car on the way to the place.

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After the scene of the girl painting herself in the car, the boy records the facade of a market in the city, which was the place where he actually took his girlfriend to eat at a taco stand.


I took her to know the market #beautiful villa #tabasco #taquitos #gut #market #touring

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I took her to see the market.

Once inside the place, in the video it can be seen that the girl was not upset at all that he did not take her to a luxurious restaurant, since she can be seen very happy enjoying her asada and tripe tacos, which she liked so much. He didn’t hesitate to ask for a couple more.

image of a girl eating tacos at a stand inside the market

The girl’s humility and happy reaction to enjoying the taquitos did not go unnoticed on networks, where countless users made the recording viral, with 5.2 million views and more than 604 thousand likes.

In addition, so far, the recording has accumulated more than two thousand comments, in which some gentlemen recommended that he not look for more girls, since she was the one. While some women now recommended inviting her to a restaurant, since she deserves to live both experiences, and a few other users jokingly questioned where she got her girlfriend.

Source: Okchicas

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